General terms and conditions regarding the processing of personal data

SC ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL processes the user’s personal data taking into consideration the existing law, the privacy of the personal data and the right to lead a private life being guaranteed.

The processing of personal data with the aim of signing and performing the contract. The personal data delivered by the user will pe processed with the aim of performing the existing contract, delivering services, billing and collecting the money for the services, public relations, checking and recovery of claims, any other necessary processing required for a good contractual relationship.

The private data provided by the user will be available, at their disposal,t o legal entities, authorities and public institutions allowed in accordance with the law.

The processing of personal data with the purpose of advertising. The personal data provided, together with other information delivered by the beneficiary based on the existing contract (e.g. The e-mail address, fax number etc) will be processed by SC ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL taking into account the rights of the user’s, especially the right to be informed or to oppose, with the aims of:

  • remarketing and following the users;
  • providing commercials;

communicating the status of the services delivered at the disposal of the client or when it is considered necessary for the products and services delivered by SC ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL (e.g. When there occurs a technical or an unauthorised problem).

The processing of personal data for general identification. The personal data for identification purposes are necessary for a correct identification of the client in the processing systems of SC ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL in order to provide billing or other operations necessary or related to the performing of the contract.

The rights of the user’s regarding the personal data provided.

The user has the following rights when it comes to the personal data provided:

  • the right to be informed and to get access;
  • the right to intervene in the data;
  • the right to rectify;
  • the right to erase the personal information;
  • the right to restrict the processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • the right to oppose and and to process the individual decisions, including creating profiles;
  • the right to complain to the surveillance authorities NASPDP – The National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing.

In order to excert these rights, the user will fill in a written form to SC ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL, signed, addressed to the person in charge with the protection of the people’s personal data at the phone number 0731 832 615 or e-mail address

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