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ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL as the author, owner and administrator of, respects the privacy and security of the viewers’ personal information.

Based on the Law No. 677/2001 for the people’s protection when it comes to the processing of personal data and the free flow of personal data and based on the Law No. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of the private life, ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL is obliged to administer safely the personal data provided by the viewers and only for the purposes shown below.
ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL is obliged not to share any personal data provided by you on the website

Based on the Law No. 677/2001, the people registered, as notified ones, have the following rights:

– the right to be informed (art. 12)
– the right to access personal data (art.13)
– the right to intervene in the personal data (art.14)
–  the right to oppose (art. 5)
– the right of not being part of an individual decision (art. 17)
– the right to address the court ( art. 18)

Any information provided will be considered your agreement for your personal data to be used by ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL as shown below.
We ask of you not to provide any personal data unless you want it to be gathered.

The aim of gathering data

When you provide us with data, ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL is allowed to use it with the following aims, if not specified in a different way:

– of ensuring us that the website suits your needs;
– of confirming the services purchased online and of providing any extra information regarding these services to you;
– of advertising services and infomercials;
– of delivering to you information on promotions via mail, mobile phone or any other means of communication regarding ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL’s and any partner companies’ services.

The usage of statistical and anonymous data

ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL can use the statistical and anonymous data that are the result of processing with the aims of:
– generating reports and analyses
– advertising for its own purposes
– publishing, promoting, offering services provided by ARHITECTURSMART DESIGN SRL.

The usage of cookies
Cookies are small text files that a website stores when surfing the Internet on your PC or any other mobile devices with access to Internet. Cookies are installed via the request issued by a web server (Internet Explorer) and cannot access the user’s information on their computer or mobile device.
This technology does not contain software programmes, computer computer viruses or spyware.

Using cookies makes the website easier to navigate and enables us to adapt it according to your interests and needs. They are also used in order to improve the speed and your browsing experience on our website. This refers to your preferences when it comes to online privacy or relevant advertisement. Not only do we use cookies for the previously stated purposes, but also to gather anonymous statistics which enable us to understand how people use our website and to help us enhance the website’s structure, without identifying the user.

How to manage or erase the cookies

Most of the Internet browsers are initalially programmed to accept automatically the cookies. You can alter the settings in order to block the cookies or get notified when the cookies are sent to your computer or mobile device.
In the case in which you want to disable the cookies we use, you will not get personalised information while visiting anymore. If you use more devices in order to surf the website, you will have to make sure each browser on each website is programmed so that it suits your needs regarding cookies.

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